Covid Party Line Flip Flops

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Musa al-Gharbi 2022 Guardian, a long article with links on flip-flops and mistakes by authorities. Good.

Has somebody complied a list of liberal flips in covid party line? Masks, nursing homes, lockdowns, and vaccines. Chinese lab origin seems to be in transition right now. What else?

Mask policy started with "Masks are useless" and then switched to "Masks are essential". Nursing home policy started with "Nursing homes can't discriminate against covid patients" and then switched to "Sending covid patients to nursing homes is murder."

Lockdowns started with "Of course not," and then switched to "The more the better". Vaccines were dangerous under Trump, and then safe under Biden-- the same vaccines!

Origins started with anyone suggesting a Chinese lab origin deserving to be banned from public discourse as a dangerous and racist liar. Now it's: "Well, maybe". I bet soon it will be "As Biden says, it's all the fault of the Chinese."