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  • "Building on Tradition — 1,400 Years of a Family Business" by Irene Herrera "Before its liquidation, Kongō Gumi was the oldest continuously operating company in the world. Founded in Japan a mere century after the fall of the Roman Empire, it survived extreme changes in Japan’s culture, government and economy, preserving traditional construction techniques and family values for over 1,400 years."


The Left

The detective novels got a rewrite in 1959. Was it a needed scrubbing or a sign of cancel culture?,"] WSJ.

Jay Nordlinger, Law and Liberty (2021).

Elite schools breed entitlement, entrench inequality—and then pretend to be engines of social change."] Caitlin Flanagan, The Atlantic (2021).

The Right


  • Personality disorders," Mayo Clinic description of the three clusters, euphemistically called A, B, and C. Are they psychotics, sociopaths, and neurotics?