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EJMR is Economics Job Market Rumors, a bulletin board on the Net that talks about the PhD Economics job market, academic scandals, plagiarism, life as a grad student, and lots of miscellaneous and off-topic stuff.

"Schiraldi (LSE) and Seiler (Stanford) false coauthors of AER publication

New "Family Ruptures" AER / NBER is rip-off of obscure paper

log(NAICS) is a scandal that everyone is simply ignoring

Lisa Cook presenting her AER P&P as an AER

Rogoff/Reinhart coding error -- ouch!!

WTF?? The Impact of MTV's 16 and Pregnant on Teen Childbearing

A new marketing / consumer research scandal on sight?

None of these scandals have been discussed even once on #EconTwitter, nor have they been reported by the New York Times. Weird. So, EJMR is the only place where all the frauds in economics profession get exposed. Of course these people want to destroy it, then."