Best Things of 2023

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Good Things of 2023

  • 1. Grandchildren/Nieces-- Eleanor Jane Buzzard, to be specific. Such a delight! Too far away in Ithaca, NY, with her father at Cornell.
  • 2. Bananagrams. Scrabble with speed added and appropriate gain from making long words.
  • 3. My Brain Is Open, by Brian Schechter, 224 pp. (2000). A bio of mathematician Paul Erdos, entertaining, funny, and with bits of math well explained.
  • 4. Massimo on Twitter/X. Twitter will edify you if you just look at this one account on Twitter to read its odd science facts and skip the feed fed to you.
  • 5. Better than the site recommended last year, because it has computer player of all levels, and can comment on your moves.
  • 6. For reading and writing, this is giving magazines serious competition. Mr. and Mrs. Psmith, Ed West, Aaron Renn, Writers's Blog(ck)--Amelia Buzzard, Ras-Stack (E.R) The Free Press, Bailiwick, AstralCodexTen, Razib Khan . . .
  • 7. Walking in the 4th of July parade. With the Republican Party, but a good idea with any group.
  • 8. WhatsApp is very good for a family group to share photos and make little comments.
  • 9. Uncle Wang's Alley, the new Chinese restaurant in Bloomington. Subtle flavors even though it is centered on Szechuan food. Right across the street from Lucky Express, another ver good restaurant, but less gourmet.