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5 Best Free PDF Readers and Viewers for Windows 10 in 2019 7th March 2019 by Manish Sahay is a much better review than most. It says:

PDF-XChange Editor is the most feature-rich, best looking, most secure, most customizable, and the least bloated free PDF viewer/reader and editor for Windows.

A total of 77 free tools are included in the PDF-XChange Viewer. The full suite includes 117 tools, out of which 40 are premium that require a license key, and the rest 77 are Free. The Premium tools (or licensed features) can be distinguished from the Free ones with the help of the Cart symbol placed next to them. The licensed features can still be used but there will be watermarks on the final product.

All of the features are distributed intelligently in the following 10 menus.


Foxit Reader is the most popular free PDF Reader/Viewer for Windows. Foxit has always advertised their PDF Reader as a lightweight and feature-rich alternative to the Adobe Acrobat Reader. And, they have delivered what they promised in all these years.
In the past, Foxit was considered a lightweight alternative to Adobe’s PDF Reader but the Foxit of today has become bloated; it tries to install many additional items, promotes their paid services, and tries to integrate into Microsoft Office suite applications.


4. Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF can be the first choice for the default PDF viewer due to many factors such as the low system resource requirements and system impact, speed and performance, ad/nag/promo-free user interface and user experience.

If you have a computer with seriously low system resources then you cannot get a better PDF viewer for you than Sumatra PDF. This should be your first choice. Obviously, you won’t be getting additional features such as skin support, integrated virtual PDF printers, editing features, etc.

Sumatra PDF opens files in a flash. It is the fastest free PDF viewer/reader software available for Windows.

Another benefit of going with Sumatra PDF is that it is an open-source software, so you get all those benefits that a user usually gets with a free and open-source software.