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 This is for notes on gardening in Indiana.

2020, October 5. We have not had a frost yet. The tomatoes are still going strong, and the okra, and the peppers. This year, all of those did well, except that the deer love okra leaves, and ate the peppers some too. Summer squash didn't set fruit, though they bloomed and we did have one zucchini plant that yielded two squashes. Winter squash did well, except for getting hit by a blight in September. Pumpkins didn't set fruit, though they looked very healthy otherwise until blight hit. Cucumbers planted in September started growing very well. Cilantro and basil and oregano and strawberries did well. The beans did poorly, but they need better treatment. The ghost pepper did well, but the Carolina Reaper almost died. The Coolapeno and chile relleno peppers did okay, and the Hungarian, and the cayenne did extremely well, especially in pots,w here they are colorful. Nasturtiums did well.