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Equation Sheets

One of my 7th graders had a good idea for something to write on the 1-page equation sheet I allow them for tests. She wrote,

    "You've got this!"
That's a good use of space. 

Office Hours

  • Students need to realize that it is especially important both for the BOTTOM and the TOP students to come to office hours. For my 7th graders now, and for college, MBA, and PhD students. We teach to the middle. Office hours are for special stuff.

What I've Learned about Teaching 7th Grade Math

  • For Zoom office hours, a document camera is necessary.
  • The students need to be told what "show your work" means.
  • The students need to be forced to use lots of paper in doing homework.
  • The students need to be forced to use looseleaf binders and keep them neat and organized.
  • The students need monthly tests.
  • Competitions are often useful.
  • Slow students need one-on-one tutoring.
  • Python coding is fun for them and helpful for teaching them.


  • Casey Wichman: I made a wise decision to allow my "econ & policy" students make up participation points by submitting econ memes that relate to class. Grading has never been more fun.

Reading Books

Ben Smith

@BenDSmith_CA Replying to @drandrewmking I took a class on Isaiah where the professor required us to read through Isaiah 7 times. 4 times in 3 sittings or less, 2 times is 2 sittings or less, and 1 time in 1 sitting. Great experience.


On chalkboards v. whiteboards, Twitter (2022).