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 Prices of my Games and Information. $7 for the 1st edition, $91.95 for the 4th (which is 15 years old instead of 30). I think it got better generally, but some people say the 1st edition is better even tho it has more mistakes, because it is more shorter, more unified, less cluttered, as tends to happen as editions evolve organically. And it definitely has the best cover art of any of them. See  and 

I bought Mankiw’s Principles of Economics, which I need to so I have a “reliable source” when making elementary corrections to Wikipedia economics articles (which are much lower in quality than its math and stats articles; everybody in the world thinks they know how to write economics articles). There, the cheapest 1st edition was $12, compared to $5 for the 2nd. The 9th is $120.

 The peer review paradox: Papers get better  after being rejected,  but are   submitted to lower and lower  ranked journals.

The textbook paradox: Old-edition textbooks are so unwanted they can't even be given away, but the later the edition, the more likely it is to be 98% copied from the previous edition.