Books To Read

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Books to Read

  • Tongdong Bai, The Political Philosophy of hte Middle Kingdom.
  • Good book to understand America's trajectory would be Martin Meredith's "The Fate of Africa." Tells story of end of colonial rule, withdrawal of effective bureaucrats, handover of pwr to people not ready for administration. We're doing it "democratically," but same difference.
  • The Icon and Axe: An Interpretative History of Russian Culture, by James Billington
  • Richard Dawkins, Flights of Fancy.
  • Zoning Rules!The Economics of Land Use Regulation, William A. Fischel July 2015
  • The Best of Myles. Flann O’Brien
  • Stilicho recommendations:
    • The Fall of the Roman Empire by Peter Heather
    • How Rome Fell by Adrian Goldsworthy.
    • The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization by Bryan Ward-Perkins
    • The Restoration of Rome by Peter Heather.
    • Empires of Faith by Peter Sarris focuses on the various states that succeeded the Roman Empire up to the rise of Islam. It strikes a good balance between narrative and explanation, it's a very good standalone work on the period after the fall.
    • History of the Franks by Gregory of Tours.
  • General View of the Criminal Law of England, James Stephen (1863).
  • Householders' Guide to Community Defence Against Bureaucratic Aggression (1972) JAY. Too expensive. $180 used. Out of print.
  • Michael Thompson’s 2005 book, Understanding Independent School Parents (co-written with Alison Fox Mazzola)
  • Memorabilia, Xenophon.
  • An Essay on the History of Civil Society, Adam Ferguson.
  • Henry Friendly: Greatest Judge of His Era, by Dorsen.
  • "The Registers of the Consistory of Geneva at the Time of Calvin: Volume 1: 1542-1544," 2002,

by Mrs. Isabella M. Watt (Editor), Mr. Robert M. Kingdon (Editor), Mr. Thomas A. Lambert (Editor).

Books I Have Read That Are Good

  • Dorothy Crawford, Viruses: A Very Short Introduction.
  • Rex Stout, The Rubber Band, The Red Box.