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*[https://brutalhammer.com/schnapps-without-shame/  "Schnapps Without Shame ,"] Rumple Minz, Bryan Dent, 2016.
*[https://brutalhammer.com/schnapps-without-shame/  "Schnapps Without Shame ,"] Rumple Minz, Bryan Dent, 2016.
*Berentzen pear liqueur, German.

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  • Lazzaroni Amare is good-- a brown bitter-sweet aperitif. It's good diluted heavily.
  • Berentzen pear liqueur, German.





Bryan Dent.

"For more than 200 years Tennessee whiskey has been defined as simply whiskey made in Tennessee. That all changed in 2013, when the state passed a law specifically defining Tennessee whiskey as:... This, of course, is the “Lincoln County Process,” essentially the recipe for Jack Daniel’s and imitated by the (distant) number two-selling Tennessee whiskey, George Dickel...A better spokesman for the nix-it faction is Phil Prichard, owner of the number three-selling Tennessee whiskey. Prichard’s Tennessee Whiskey does not use a charcoal-filtering process, but was granted an exemption from the law and allowed to use the name for the simple reason that Prichard’s forbears never used charcoal-filtering, either. (As has been noted here, if you write a law and then immediately have to carve out a special exemption to it, maybe it’s not such a great law.) Yet when Pritchard opened a new distillery after the bill passed, he found that this second site didn’t qualify for the exemption. Comically, the whiskey he makes at his original location is grandfathered out of the law, while whatever he makes at the new site is not."

  • Sotol, made from Desert Spoons in northern Mexico.

Exceeding expectations since 1957"], Bryan Dent.

"Unaged aquavit is best served chilled, with the bottle pulled straight from the freezer or, for a more striking presentation, literally frozen into a block of ice."


  • One-Cup Sake

A person can happily spend hours and a small fortune getting familiar with the intricacies of sake. But a frugal and less fastidious-minded nihonshu lover will want to forego the large, pricy bottles from Japan’s top labels and instead reach for single-serve cup sake. Although often characterized as a cheap tipple of boozing older men, cup sake is a diverse category that spans everything from mass-market varieties to small-batch, premium grades. --https://www.nippon.com/en/nipponblog/m00146/

Https://www.nippon.com/en/ncommon/contents/nipponblog/81111/81111.jpg%7Cthumb%7COne-Cup Sake