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  • Why do modern Jews wear yarmulkes? In Paul's day, men were enjoined NOT to wear head coverings. Someone on StackExchange asked this and got some useful but not satisfactory answers.
  • An article in The Jewish Magazine in 1999 says that head coverings for men are mentioned in only two places in the Talmud, both very distant from being a requirement to wear one, but that the custom evolved over time.
  • From Wikipedia:
  • "The Yiddish term yarmulke is often associated with an Aramaic phrase (ירא מלכא) 'yireh malkha' meaning "fear of the King".[1] It might be derived from Polish jarmułka or Ukrainian yarmulka, perhaps ultimately from Medieval Latin almutia "cowl, hood"[2][3] or of Turkic origin (akin to yağmurluk, meaning "rainwear"),[4] Keppel or koppel is another Yiddish term for the same thing.[5]"