Man and Woman

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  • Men have much more general knowledge than women, and are ahead on most topics. They are barely behind on Fashion. See this tweet on the Lynn results.
  • What gender neutering is all about: obliterating the female and femininity, first, and obliterating the male and masculinity, second.

I have a tape measure I keep in the top of a tool bag at the corner of the garage. It has been there for years. I use it frequently. I go to the tool bag to get the tape measure and it's not there. I say "honey, where is the tape measure", then she goes to another toolbox that has my not frequently used tools in it and it's under a compartment with needle nose pliers. That is not where the tape measure has ever been and it would take less time to go to Home Depot and buy a new one than guess it's in a compartment it shouldn't be.

She moved it there. Then she sends me a tiktok video on how husbands can't find anything. The ego is unbelievable. ...

If my my wife asks me where something is, I tell her where it is.

If I ask her where something is, she throws a tantrum and stomps over to where it is like it’s some giant burden.

I honestly do not understand. Sometimes you need to find something and someone else knows where it is. The efficient solution is to ask....

Women were sent to us by G-d as a test of our faith and patience....

This is a completely true and weird aspect of married life. I get along great with my wife, and yet I have the exact same experience as the OP....

  • There seems to be a gender difference. Women get relief just from talking about their problems; men feel worse after talking about their problems. (Here, we mean "pure talking", not "finding solutions".)
  • I just read in a novel that three-year-old Debbie, "took another forkful, and as she moved it to her mouth, she spilled it on her dress. Then, like a normal woman, she got mad at everyone around her. She announced that it was terrible and she didn't like it; she wouldn't eat any more." Is that a true insight?

Interests and Objectives

"Have u ever noticed how common it is for professional women to have no intellectual interests outside of their field? Like u mention something about history or astronomy or even mundane household tech to a female doctor or lawyer & they have no idea what u r talking about.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the lack of intellectual BREADTH is a bad thing in itself (let women be as they r made), but it’s bad cuz we thrust women into these high profile public roles yet they have no interest in engaging the world in the broad ways you’d expect

the last pirate @corsair21c

The other thing this leads to in my view is an overreliance on credentials and experts - when u know nothing outside your field and are held aloft by credentials yourself what do u do when a problem arises outside ur lane? U just blindly listen to another set of credentials."

"I’ve noticed this as well. I believe it’s because of biological differences. Men put 100% of their effort into something 80% of the time but women put 80% of their effort into something 100% of the time. It’s the difference between a hunter and a homemaker."

"Their career is a proxy for the husband they're just interested in what concerns him and caring about anything else amounts to emotional cheating."

"Women like rules and professional women excel at following them. This propensity discourages thinking out of the box."