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Paw Paws

Pawpaws are finally ripe today, September 26. I think that's about a month later than usual. We found a giant one in Latimer woods-- so big that I couldn't shake it at all. Another tree had what is the biggest pawpaw I've ever found. I'll post the picture when I get some time. It's at


April 14: pokeweed shoots were an inch out of the ground.
May 5: We ate big shoots about a foot long and half an inch wide. They looked like they had white pith, but they were tender throughout. Cooked to rather mushy, but didn't cause any indigestion. I am wondering whether it is good to cut big shoots so as to provoke new tender shoots. The alternative is to let them grow big and then harvest leaves and new branchlets.

Poison Ivy

May 3, 2021 after rain: First poison ivy appearing.