Best People to Follow on Twitter

The best people to follow on Twitter are those who have good insights or, more likely, good taste in curating articles, and who have few worthless tweets. A good ratio is one in ten tweets that are worth reading, but hardly anybody I follow does that well.

As I was just discussing on Twitter, to recommend all is to recommend none. I’ll list some. I’m trying to think of which tweets actually stuck in my mind or made me look up something or were useful in some other way like that. I’ll change this over time. Drudge Report was a major source of news for me till 2020, but it is now worthless, for example. I follow people for a variety of reasons, which include not just their high quality but their exceptional foolishness, their exemplification of wrong viewpoints, and by accident. Actually, none of the ones below fall in their category as I create the first draft of this post in August 2020, but I can imagine including them for those reasons.

Best on Twitter (#1 is best)

  1. Paul Graham@paulg

    Paul Graham is an English-born American computer scientist, essayist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author. He is best known for his work on the programming language Lisp, his former startup Viaweb, cofounding the influential startup accelerator and seed capital firm Y Combinator, his blog, and Hacker News.

  2. Yuan Yi Zhu @yuanyi_z

    College Lecturer in Politics @PembrokeOxford & IR DPhil @NuffieldCollege @UniofOxford | Law & History of International Order | 你问我, 我问谁? | Oxford/Lower Canada

  3. Rob Henderson @robkhenderson

    Interested in human nature. Sharing what I learn. | PhD candidate @Gates_Cambridge| BS @Yale | Veteran @usairforce | Newsletter: Cambridge,

  4. Garett Jones @GarettJones

    Macroeconomist at George Mason University. Author of 10% Less Democracy and of Hive Mind, both from
    @stanfordpress. Washington,

  5. Rᴏʙᴇʀᴛ Aɴᴅᴇʀsᴏɴ @ProfRobAnderson

    Professor of Law, Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law. Blogging at
    Malibu, CA

  6. Edward N Luttwak @ELuttwak

    Edward Nicolae Luttwak is a strategist and historian known for his works on grand strategy, geoeconomics, military history, and international relations. He is best known for being the author of ‘The Rise of China viz. The Logic of Strategy’ and ‘Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook.

  7. Robin Hanson @robinhanson

    Let’s skip witty repartee & discuss fundamental questions. Views are mine, not GMU’s or Virginia’s. Books:, Fairfax,

  8. Andy Grewal @AndyGrewal

    Professor @IowaLawSchool Interests: administrative law, constitutional law, tax law, politics, jokes, memes, nonsense. (Grey-wall) Iowa City,

  9. Raffi Melkonian @RMFifthCircuit

    Appellate lawyer at Wright, Close & Barger LLP, in Houston, TX with a Fifth Circuit (and Texas) appellate practice. So-called Dean, #appellatetwitter Houston,…

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