Covid Statistics and How Joe Biden Looks Worse Than a Dying Largemouth Bass

Post the photo of the big bass we caught with the net yesterday. We caught him— but his being at death’s door anyway should get the credit, not Ben’s dexterity. We didn’t stuff him. We didn’t even dare eat him. He looked like Joe Biden on a bad day. Pink tail, vacant eyes, didn’t fight, I thought he must be a carp at first.

George Floyd tested positive for covid at his autopsy, and told the police he had covid when he was telling them how he couldn’t breathe and wanted to lie down on the ground. Did he die of covid? Should he be counted in the death statistics from covid? By the official protocols, should he have been counted? (Other possible causes are having more than three times the base lethal level of illegal fentanyl in his blood, the meth and marijuana chemicals in his blood, his heart disease, and having a policeman kneel on his neck for nine minutes till the ambulance came– but recall that it’s been definitely established that he did not die as the result of air not getting to his lungs).