Notes on Democracy, Oligarchy, and Aristocracy in Econonomics

This is notes.

The Twitter interchange with the arrogant grad student.

One of the profs who talkes to Chinese grad stuents at departmental parties. And toddlers.

Mankiw’s brilliance as a student—passing out of all 8 course exams, Princeton prof to dinner, obvious star, law school, naturally though like an ecnomist,charm, poker ability.

Thought about emailing Solow on Uhlig. Prof. Solow vs Bob. Not from personal influence, Eric the Mighty and Magnificent, or even Eric the Vile and Reprehensible.

Comments sections and Twitter comment ections being ruined by emoters, dirtying up my nice clean web. Info dilution.

HOw a nobody should criticize the JPE reinstement (or an anonnymous, as in EJRM).

Confucius: Rectification fo Names extremely apt.

Japanese visit in 1995— the students integrated into the parties.

THrusay law nad economci lunch and grad stuents.

the idea of th sensei.

Andrei the undergrad and how he improved. Titman on hiring him with tenure at UCLA.