Rude Conservative People on Social Media

This is a stub. I need to write something I can link to as a standard reply to stupid conservatives who insult me on Twitter and elsewhere. Most of the idiots are on the left, and it isn’t any use replying to them, but some are on the right. Those people I can help. The common problem is that they post under a pseudonym and say very rude things about people without justification. They never give a liberal the benefit of the doubt, and so they end up, for example, attacking liberal judges even when those judges are actually doing something good and follow the law and go out of their way to help a conservative defendant. They follow the same Kto, Kovo style of liberals, cheering their own side rather than thinking about what is true and good.

What I need to do is write up something saying I have impeccable conservative credentials and I’m much smarter than them too, in a totally different league as far as education, and have the wisdom of a sexagenarian. And I actually do things to help the conservative cause and individual people in trouble, rather than just mouthing off like they do. I need to emphasize that even when you have strong views, you need to be polite and fair, and this is entirely compatible with vituperative rhetoric and sound convictions. You must and can be civil even if you are saying that the enemy is evil and deserves to die a painful death. And you can be intense without resorting to obscenity. People simply do not understand that.