Candidates for Best Dozen Articles I've Read in 2022

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1. "A Selection of Maps We Weren’t Taught in School," NatureWorldToday (2022).

4. Most Common Surnames in Europe. 8. 2% of All of the Australian Population Live Within This Region. 15. National IQ Scores.

2. Nice Moms and Nasty Nerds, Steve Sailer, Taki's Magazine (October 12, 2022). On the transwars.

"The so-far triumphant transgender movement is a political coalition that includes two polar opposite sets of allies who are so radically different in their thought styles that they can’t even begin to understand each other: naive nice moms and smart but not-at-all nice nerdy ex-men.... Few of the nice white ladies who make up much of the political support for the fad of surgically altering moody teens have even noticed that a high percentage of the best-known male-to-female trans celebrities are toxically masculine jerks. The ladies presume instead that they must be bullied victims in need of maternal nurturing and protection from the cruel world because that’s who they want them to be."

3. "I will never accept ‘Kyiv’ For that matter, I still haven’t given up on Bombay, Peking or Burma," Ed West, Substack (2022). On the oddity and snobbery of how people like to change the names of unimportant cities, but not important ones, from English names to those endorsed by the local elites.

"I’m still not sure why we have to change the English language for the sake of overseas political events. Kiev is the English name for the city that is now the capital of Ukraine; it’s been an English word for at least 200 years, but no longer. The reason is that Kiev is the Russian spelling, pronounced in English as Key-ev, while Kyiv is the Latinised spelling of the Ukrainian name, which English-speakers pronounce as Keev. The latter is far less pleasant on the ears, sounding almost like ‘Keith’ spoken by someone with a slight speech impediment."

4. "Sex and the Academy: The inclusion of women in higher education is a great achievement for Western liberal societies. How is this changing academic culture?" Cory Clark and Bo Winegard,Quillette (8 Oct 2022). Male vs. female attitudes and Truth vs. Morality as goals of universities. After a long discussion of survey data on male vs. female answers to various questions in various samples, they say"

"The overall theme of these differences is that men are more committed than women to the pursuit of truth as the raison d’être of science, while women are more committed to various moral goals, such as equity, inclusion, and the protection of vulnerable groups. Consequently, men are more tolerant of controversial and potentially offensive scientific findings being pursued, disseminated, and discussed, and women are more willing to obstruct or suppress science perceived to be potentially harmful or offensive. Put more simply, men are relatively more interested in advancing what is empirically correct, and women are relatively more interested in advancing what is morally desirable."

5. "Natural Law in Early Protestantism," Kyle Dillon, Mere Orthodoxy (November 3, 2020).

"The early Reformed orthodox, beginning with Calvin and culminating with Turretin, develop an increasingly sophisticated doctrine of natural law which, with varying Thomistic and Scotistic accents, was firmly aligned with the medieval realist tradition. To be sure, they did place a relatively greater emphasis on the role of conscience in natural law’s testimony against sin, as well on the role of sin in obscuring humanity’s knowledge of the conclusions and applications of natural law. Nevertheless, there was widespread agreement that nature teaches all human beings the fundamental principles of God’s moral will."

6. "The Two Wings of Postmodernism...," WOKAL DISTANCE, Substack (9/21/2022).

"The postmodernist is primarily concerned with how various claims, concepts, ideas, suggestions and other bits of discourse function to empower and benefit people at the expense of other people. They want to know how various claims redistribute power, wealth, clout, influence, and prestige within a society. In other words, the postmodernist is concerned about politics and power rather than truth."

7. "When Buddhism Goes Bad| How My Mindfulness Practice Led Me To Meltdown," Dan Lawton, Substack (2021).

"As an instructor in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), I spent four years teaching meditation as a full-time job... The poem, often used by meditation teachers, suggests that we should welcome in all our emotions, feelings, experiences — good or bad — the same way we might welcome a guest into our home. ... Britton had described meditators who had lost the ability to feel their bodies, lost emotions for their children and, in one particularly troublesome occasion, lost the ability to recognize the meaning of a red light. “It might be wise to look through the keyhole before letting in whoever or whatever is on the outside,” she snapped back."

8. Midge Decter, The Boys on the Beach (homosexuals, 1980) and "Comrades in Arms" (Neuhaus, 2009) and "A Jew in Anti-Christian America"(Jewishness, 1995). Midge Decter, Mrs. Norman Podhoretz, was an extremely influential editor, but also an amazing writer. For example:

"The essence of that fashion was the worship of youth—youth understood not even as young manhood but rather boyhood (and indeed, the straight women among themselves always referred to the homosexuals as “the boys”). On the beach particularly, this worship became all powerful and inescapable to the eye. It was a constant source of wonder among us, and remains so to me to this day, that by far the largest number of homosexuals had hairless bodies. Chests, backs, arms, even legs, were smooth and silky, an impression strengthened by the fact that they were in addition frequently and scrupulously unguented to catch the full advantage of the sun’s ultra violet. ... But smooth-skinned they were, and, like the most narcissistic of pretty young girls and women, made an absolute fetish of the dark and uniform suntan, devoting hours, days, weeks, to turning themselves carefully to the sun. Nor was this tanning flesh ever permitted to betray any of the ordinary signs of encroaching mortality, such as excess fat or flabbiness or on the other hand the kind of muscularity that suggests some activity whose end is not beauty."

9."Everything you need to know about psychedelics and mental illness:The science of psychedelics is everywhere – but we should treat it with serious scepticism," Stuart Ritchie, Substack (2022).

"There’s an interview with the psychedelics researcher Manoj Doss, who says that he “only knows one psychedelic researcher who’s never done psychedelics”, and notes (in an encouragingly self-critical way) that this is a conflict of interest. He’s right! Just as you’d feel extra-sceptical if all the research showing that pork is unhealthy was written by Muslims who’d already decided for religious reasons not to eat pork, you should be worried about the sheer number of studies by psychedelic researchers who are themselves aficionados of the drugs."

10. "WOMEN AND SPORTS: RESPONSE FROM WOMEN’S BASKETBALL COACH," anonymous, Out of Our Minds blog (Mar 29, 2022).

"My daughter confided to me that she wasn’t comfortable wearing such few clothes and having somebody touch her. I responded that her female coach was being very appropriate in the way she used physical touch to teach the kids. I said she should learn to be fine with it. But then, I had to stop myself. Why would I want my daughter to ignore her “belly alarm” (as we sometimes refer to it)? She didn’t like laying down on a diving block, scantily clad, and having somebody stand over her and control her body. Why oh why would I want her to ignore that uneasiness? I apologized to her and we quit swim team."

11. "No, the Revolution Isn’t Over: None of the fundamental drivers of “Wokeness” have relented," N.S. Lyons, Substack (Jan 18, 2022)

"2. The void of meaning still hasn’t been filled. 8. Majorities don’t matter. 9. Personnel is policy. 10. All the institutional high ground is still occupied. 13. The youth are still coddled and mentally broken. 14. Elite overproduction is still in overdrive. 15. “Wokeness” is still required by law. 16. Money is still power."

12. "African IQs and mental retardation: Understanding the two types of mental retardation," Emil O. W. Kirkegaard, Substack (October 27, 2022).

"African intelligence levels around 70 IQ are not like kids in a typical western country's special education class. These kids often suffer from severe genetic disorders, or birth trauma. Their behavior is abnormal because of this aside from their low intelligence."

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