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See https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UYGLtCtdcHznP7aY88A_LAOKmUUq-9iyBgz5xRYSNB8/edit for a better version of this.

Why Use Discord?

This is a natural question. Anybody over 30 hates-- and I really mean *hates*-- setting up new computer apps and learning how to use them, especially when it seems like they duplicate old ones. (People under 30 are worse at knowing how to avoid time sinks and fall for hype more easily.) We've got email. So why use Discord?

I was skeptical at first, but now I think it's worth it. It does install easily, and it seems pretty well-designed, like HTML, Python, and Latex (tho not as good as those three), and unlike MS-Word, Windows, and every email app I've ever seen. Its main fault is lack of transparency and dignity, e.g., using silly icons instead of words. Its advantage over email is that it helps you organize your emails, potentially saving lots of time--- but only if your correspondents also use it. (That's crucial.) Here's how it does that. It puts a single class of people you email to in in one place. It allows you, with "threads" to put single topics in one place--- and to have a thread of ephemera disappear after 1 hour, 24 hours, or never. It allows you to say who sees which threads, by allocating "roles".

Getting Started: Downloading and Logging In

This is the hardest part of any computer app. You need a Discord account, which will have a username and a password. It is free-- they make money by charging for extra features. Probably you go to discord.com for that.

There are three ways to use Discord.
(1) Sign in via a web browser like Chrome at an address that looks sort of like this fake one: https://discord.com/channels/95486344962679255555555555555
(2) CLick the right spot in an email telling you have missed posts.
(3) Download the Discord app to your computer from discord.com.

When you open Discord, there will be a sort of monster symbol at the upper left corner, and under it a Greek man's head. Click on that Greek man's head to see MFSA and Friends, the place with all our posts.

After you see the messages, you'll see on the left, but not the farthest left, a column called Text Channels. Click one of them, such as #General, to see posts sent in that classification.

If you go down to the middle bottom, you will see where to type in your posts. Just type over the top of Message #General whatever you want to post. Hit return, and you will see your post appear. Your post cannot be more than 2,000 words. If you try to do more, Discord will upload it as a file instead, I think.

On the left of the posting input box is a Plus sign (+). Left-click on that to upload a file as part of your message. You then type in your text message to post with it.

If you right-click on a message, a menu will come up that allows you to choose a Thumbs-Up picture that will appear right after that person's message to show you're happy with it.


More Advanced Stuff

Discord has something called Threads, but I don't know what those mean.

You can change your "name" that appears, and your gif, but I forget where I found that.

There are ways to do things with Voice and Video. There is, I think, a way to send a private message to just one person. There is a way to assign people "roles", so that if you send a message it will go to just them.