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Fort Myers

Lovers' Key is quite a nice beach.


Ten Thousand Islands Area

Marco Island

Everglade City

  • Maybe rent kayaks at Glades Haven General Store & Marina in Everglade City.

Inland Everglades

map and TripAdvisor reviews--lots of them. This was the highlight for us, with an giant owl, dead fish, alligators, and a water moccasin.



  • The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) occasionally gets reports of unsettling encounters between a paddler and an alligator. The majority of these appear to be situations in which the boat bumps into an alligator. This could be because the alligator was in shallow water and could not submerge to avoid contact, or the alligator was on a bank and the boat startled the alligator, causing the alligator to escape toward deeper water in an attempt to flee. In a few incidents, alligators have actually bitten canoes and kayaks, resulting in minor injuries to people and damage to their boats."What Are The Risks To Canoeists And Kayakers From Alligators?" FLORIDA WILDLIFE COMMISSION (November 20, 2020).

There are about five unprovoked bites per year in Florida..the IUCN also says that only 6% of American alligator attacks are fatal. That is a low risk of death, particularly when compared to 63% for the ferocious Nile crocodile and 25-50% for the saltwater crocodile... alligator attacks are rare because they target prey animals that are smaller than adult humans. Their normal prey includes fish, birds, other reptiles and small mammals. Unfortunately, children are about the same size as these animals, so they can become targets. "Alligators are dangerous predators and they do sometimes attack humans, but deaths are uncommon," BBC.