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Akshay Jayan Nair
, B tech Elctronics and Communication, Cochin University Of Science and Technology (2018)
Updated Nov 7, 2020
Kshatriya corresponds to the military administrative and ruling community of Hinduism.

but this definition alone cant define which all caste comes under the Kshatriya varna so we divide the Kshatriyas into 4 categories the Vedic Kshatriyas, non-Vedic Kshatriyas, waitlisted Kshatriyas and pseudo-Kshatriyas

Vedic Kshatriyas: these are caste whose profession is military administrative or ruling and these castes are accepted as Kshatriyas by the brahmins so they are the true Kshatriyas some Vedic Kshatriya caste are


waitlisted Kshatriyas: these castes are caste whose claim to kshatriyahood are recognized by some brahmins but all brahmins don't accept them as Kshatriyas.some of them are


nonvedic Kshatriyas : these are caste whose hereditary occupation is as a military and administrative caste but they are not recognized by brahmins as Kshatriya


pseudo-Kshatriyas: these castes are a caste of other varnas like Vaisyas and Sudras who abandoned their hereditary occupation and choose military occupation during Mughal and British periods some examples are