Indiana Caves

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Queen Blair

I went there with the IU cavers around 1995, and with Helen around 1996. It is the muddiest cave in Indiana.



A pit cave owned by Brandon Chasteen, near Queen Blair.


Under highway 37.

Fredericksburg Cave

Not to be confused with the similarly named commercial cave. This is south of Orleans. I went in 2021 with Brandon and Jack Chasteen, Aaron Jones, and others, and went to The Magic Flute that night, after stopping at the Mitchell Persimmon Festival for fried cauliflower, persimmon ice cream, and persimmon pudding for supper. The cave is very wet and is wet-mud on the way to Echo Lake. It has a giant stalagmite, a caver's jacuzzi (useful for washing off after visiting Echo Lake), lots of pencil decoration, good sedimentary layers, and other good stuff. There was a lot of fast-moving water we walked through. It came up to my waist at the highest part, but usually was shin deep. We didn't go in any tight passages, but there's lots of stooping and a bit of crawling. It was almost perfectly safe-- on the way to Echo Lake there is one height where you must go carefully. Only about three bottlenecks, which was tough for me because I'm good at those and bad walking quickly stooped over on slippery surfaces, which was a lot of it with this group.

  Someone totally unrelated made a 2018 video of a trip.