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The American mainstream press is in general an arm of the Democratic Party, aptly named "fake news". Some of it is positive fakery, as in the multi-year attemp to brand Trump a Russian spy. Some of it is negative fakery, as in the non-coverage of Rep. Swalwell's liasion with a Chinese mata hari or Vice-President Biden's heavy-handedness with the Ukraine to stop it from investigating the company that was paying his son hundreds of thousands of dollars. Discussion and examples can be found in the sources below.


  • "When All The Media Narratives Collapse," In case after case, the US MSM just keeps getting it wrong,"] Andrew Sullivan (2021). About 8 stories the MSM got wrong, major ones, with some details. The best single story I've seen on media lies.
  • Daily Mail article on the post-2011 vast increase in "racism" mentions in the NYT and other newspapers such as the WSJ.

Fake Stories

Making Stories Disappear

Praising the Dead Republican They Vilified While Alive

Particular New Sources


  • Virginia Governor Race victory, 2021, "During the campaign, Youngkin stated his support for “election integrity,” a nod at Trump’s lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, while also focusing on education and business-friendly policies....The race took an especially bitter turn last week, when Youngkin ran an ad featuring a mother and GOP activist who eight years ago led an effort to ban “Beloved,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Black Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, from classrooms."


"Who you gonna believe, CNN, Politifact & Snopes - or your own lying eyes & ears? CyFIR expert Ben Cotton, starting at time-code 51:00, describes BOTH database deletion & recovery Video link -"


  • Scott Alexander on googling for Ivermectin and not finding that India has approved its use on a massive scale.


Youngkin, who received Donald Trump’s endorsement in May, led a largely ill-defined campaign, often hewing close to the former president’s 2020 election lies while also coyly trying to distance himself from them. Similar to Trump, Youngkin is a businessman with no political experience whose campaign focused on hot-button social topics — like outrage over school curricula — rather than substantive policy discussions.


472 F. 3d 949, affirmed. Souter in dissent says, "Afair reading of the data supports the District Court’s finding that around 43,000 Indiana residents lack the needed identification, and will bear the burdens the law imposes." That is about 1% of Indiana residents eligible to vote. So all the Brennan Center numbers and surveys and moaning about inaccessibility is fake.

"...Democrats and progressive groups, say the laws are really designed to suppress voter turnout, especially among certain groups.

And it turns out that more than three million Americans actually don't own a government-issued picture ID. That's according to a recent study by New York University's Brennan Center for Justice."

  • I don't think that 3 million figure actually comes from the Brennan Center. That woudl be about 1.5% of voters, and the Brennan Center says 11%.

"A 2006 national survey commissioned by the Brennan Center found that as many as 11% of voting-age adults, millions of Americans did not have a current and valid government-issued photo ID. This is a troubling statistic for advocates of strict photo ID policies. Hans von Spakovsky and Alex Ingram of the Heritage Foundation recently published a memo attacking our study and this widely-cited, independently confirmed statistic. This document contains details on our study and explains why their attacks are baseless."

"However, a simple comparison of Census voting-age population data to the state driver’s license records showed that only 43,000—or approximately 1 percent of voters—did not possess a state-issued driver’s license or ID card, and that number ignored Indiana’s inflated voter rolls, other acceptable forms of ID possessed by voters, and voters who did not need an ID to vote."

  • See John Lotts 2021 working paper for how all but one country in Europe require photo ID, and the vast majority ban absentee voting altogether for people living in the country.

"The 37-member Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is essentially the club for developed countries, and 89 percent of them (excluding the US) require government-issued photo IDs to vote. Only the UK, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia currently do not. But Japan provides each voter with tickets that bear unique bar codes. If the voter loses the ticket or accidentally brings the ticket for another family member, polling staff verifies the voter’s name and address using a computer with access to the city’s database. The voter may have to present government-issued photo identification.

New Zealand technically requires an ID with a unique code, but while it will take longer for them to look up your identifying information, it is still possible to vote without the ID. Australia has by far the loosest rules, and while an ID is required to register to vote, in the polling station, they ask voters just three questions: your name, your address, and whether you have voted in a previous election."

The New York Times

The January 2021 Capitol Demonstration Fake Police Killing

  • "Did The New York Times Spread Disinformation About a Capitol Officer’s Death?" APRIL 22ND, 2021 / BY JULIE MASTRINE. This is a very good and complete article on the lying by the New York Times and the other liberal news outlets. Sicknick died of two strokes,which the Capitol Hill Police must have known immediately but instead claimed he died "of injuries". The New York Times said he was hit by a fire extinguisher. The medical report was covered up for months, and the police opened a murder investigation, knowing it would go nowhere. The New York Times updated its story in April, but still concealed that the medical reports said he died of a stroke and had no injuries.


Twitter on the Arizona voting record deletion: "Who you gonna believe, CNN, Politifact & Snopes - or your own lying eyes & ears? CyFIR expert Ben Cotton, starting at time-code 51:00, describes BOTH database deletion & recovery Video link -"


Twitter on the Arizona voting record deletion: "Who you gonna believe, CNN, Politifact & Snopes - or your own lying eyes & ears? CyFIR expert Ben Cotton, starting at time-code 51:00, describes BOTH database deletion & recovery Video link -"

The Washington Post

The real story re: WaPo's correction of its Trump/Ga. investigations chief "scoop." A bunch of newsrooms claimed at the time they “confirmed” the details of the "scoop" with their own anon sourcing.

White Coat's activism, which had long generated bipartisan support and favorable media coverage, now reflects poorly on Dr. Fauci. And as a result, The Washington Post has decided to amass a team of reporters to attack the group — the same one the paper repeatedly praised prior to the COVID pandemic — in order to falsely smear it as a right-wing extremist group motivated not by a genuine concern for the welfare of animals or wasteful government spending, but rather due to a partisan desire, based in MAGA ideology, to attack Fauci.

In emails sent last week to the group, Post reporter Beth Reinhard advised them that she wanted “to talk about White Coat Waste and the #beaglegate campaign.” She specifically asked for a wide range of financial documents relating to the group's funding ... ... Once The Post was repeatedly thwarted in its efforts to concoct the lie that the group is MAGA-funded, Reinhard continued to insist that there must be hidden right-wing funding sources, and even began demanding that White Coat take some sort of bizarre vow never to accept right-wing or "pro-Trump" funding sources in the future. On Monday, she sent them this flailing email:...

For years, The Post favorably covered the animal welfare work of this group without even remotely suggesting it had some nefarious ideological agenda, let alone investigating its finances. Only one thing has changed: their work in highlighting gruesome dog experimentations now has the possibility of undermining Dr. Fauci or harming his reputation, and thus The Post — acting like the pro-DNC liberal advocacy group that it is — set out to smear White Coat as right-wing MAGA activists in order to delegitimize and discredit their investigative work and, more importantly, give liberals a quick-and-easy way to dismiss their work as nothing more than an anti-science MAGA operation even though they are nothing of the sort.

Even more disturbing was the telephone call which Goodman had on Monday with Reinhard and another Post reporter, Yasmeen Abutaleb, assigned to the health and COVID beat. During that call, Abutaleb in particular repeatedly demanded to know whether White Coat was concerned that the activism they were doing on these dog experimentation programs could end up harming Dr. Fauci's reputation and thus make him less able to manage the COVID crisis. They even suggested that by encouraging people to call the NIH telephone lines to protest this experimentation, they might be making it difficult for people with questions about COVID to get through....

For years, The Washington Post reported fairly and truthfully on this group, because none of its activities threatened any government officials whom the paper wishes to protect. Suddenly, when the work they have been doing for years began to reflect poorly on a government official vital to American liberalism, The Post launched a campaign that is not even thinly disguised but nakedly clear in its goal: to smear this group by impugning its motives and distorting its agenda so that its work is immediately and uncritically disregarded by the paper's overwhelmingly liberal audience.


Media Coordination

Michael Waller article on Capitol Hill protest and how many many media outlets then parroted the same false story about his Federalist story, showing coordination.

Great Thunberg's accidentally leaked instructions from her handlers.

Like the wider Trump-Russia story itself, which magically vanished from coverage before both the 2018 and 2020 election seasons, audiences were asked for a time to care about certain things as if their lives depended on it, then just as quickly asked to forget the issues ever came up. And they wonder why people feel manipulated?

We went through many of these episodes, from Bountygate to the “mass hysterectomies” story to the recent spate of “What if Trump blows up the universe?” scare-o-grams (Forbes, echoing the famed “Generalissimo Francisco Franco is Still Dead” construction, wrote the best of these, with “Enraged and Isolated, Donald Trump Still Has Sole Control of America’s Nukes”).

We were repeatedly told that revealing the name of this or that patriotic news source would “risk lives,” only to have those sources turn out to be people like paid DNC researcher Christopher Steele, the “informant” Stefan Halper (exposed as an FBI source in the press in the eighties), or Brookings Institution fellow Igor Danchenko, who produced the pee tape tale over “beers” at a conversation made in “jest” with a pal in Moscow. Needless to say, no lives were ever threatened, and in many of those cases — Steele’s especially — the rationale for keeping the person’s name and employer a secret was clearly corrupt.

"New York Times’ 'Caliphate' debacle should teach Americans ‘not to trust’ once-proud paper, critics say"

Axios, one of the more aggressive and fairer online news outlets, revealed in December that failed presidential candidate and Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California developed a relationship with a suspected Chinese spy ... ABC, CBS, and NBC ignored the story entirely when it broke. The major broadcast networks continued to ignore it even after Republicans moved to have the congressman removed from the intelligence committee. NBC has nothing on its website about the Chinese spy scandal. Neither does CBS or ABC. The New York Times, the Associated Press, and the Los Angeles Times, similarly have avoided reporting on the scandal. ...

Next, there is Democratic Georgia Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock, whose ex-wife, Ouleye Ndoye, is on tape alleging assault by her former spouse. Ndoye told Atlanta law enforcement officials in March that Warnock had run over her foot during a domestic dispute, according to a police report obtained this month by the Washington Examiner. ...Neither NBC, nor CBS, nor ABC has reported on her allegations. The Washington Post hasn’t touched the story. The New York Times has not touched the story. CNN hasn’t touched the story. MSNBC hasn’t touched the story. The New Yorker hasn’t touched the story. And so on. Just a brief reminder: The New York Times and the New Yorker share a Pulitzer Prize for their #MeToo coverage...

Hunter Biden revealed in December that he is under federal investigation. The FBI, the IRS, and federal prosecutors in Delaware are reviewing his overseas business activities for possible tax and money laundering violations. Evidence of the investigation, which launched in 2018, first came to light in October after the New York Post revealed the existence of a laptop that reportedly belonged to the president-elect’s son. ...The New York Post's coverage was questioned and ridiculed for weeks by competing newsrooms, including the New York Times, Politico, and MSNBC, which alleged, without a shred of evidence, that the laptop story was Russian disinformation. The New York Post was even locked out of its Twitter account because of its laptop coverage.

Its been just more than two months since Axios dropped its bombshell report documenting Eric Swalwell's relationship with a Chinese spy.

The extent of Swalwell's coverage in the @nytimes features two articles on his role as impeachment manager with no mention of the scandal.

Follow the link to see the NYT article.