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Propaganda Generally

Now in Western countries, the policemen responsible for ensuring public security, are denounced as criminals notorious for committing racial discrimination acts. This fact itself is an example representative of how rigorously the racism has been institutionalized.

It has become a usual practice that other races should put up with serious humiliation of being forced into body searches upon arrest and inspection by the police and that many are killed by traffic accidents while running away to escape. Even if a riot police beat a black man to death, he is judged not guilty. This shows that the West is the breeding place of racial discrimination.

What is ridiculous is that the West full of criminal cases of racial discrimination is instilling politicization, double standards, and selectivity of human rights issue, while imposingly trumpeting about the “human rights protection” in the international arena and perpetrating name-calling attacks and adoption of vicious law to bring down the system of other countries.

"Racial Discrimination Acts of the West Should Be Rooted Out," North Korean government (2021).