The President Poem

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America’s president number one, Founding Father Washington.

Adams, second president, Very-first White House resident.

Thomas Jefferson, number three, Doubled the size of our country.

Madison, James, number four, Led us through the English war.

James Monroe is number five. Monroe Doctrine does survive.

Another Adams, John Quincy. Rose to the sixth presidency.

Seven, Andrew Jackson, Was a frontier common man.

Number eight, Van Buren, First president born “American.”

Harrison, nine, passed away, One month after Inaugural Day.

President Tyler, number ten, Ended war with the Indian.

Number eleven, James K. Polk. Mexican army turned out broke.

Taylor, twelve, of the army, Nicknamed “Rough and Ready.”

Thirteen, Fillmore, in his eyes, anything for compromise.

Fourteen, Franklin Pierce is here. Civil War is drawing near.

James Buchanan is fifteen, only bachelor ever seen.

Sixteen, Lincoln, “Honest Abe,” Signed the law that freed the Slave.

Seventeen, Andrew Johnson, Started Reconstruction.

Eighteen, Union General Grant, Led his troops with good judgment.

Nineteen, President R.B. Hayes, gave freedom to the KKK's.

Garfield, number twenty, Killed while in his presidency.

Chester Arthur, twenty-one, Sought reform and got it done.

Grover Cleveland, twenty-two, Remember him ‘cause he’s not through.

Twenty-three, Harrison, comes again, It’s William’s grandson, Benjamin.

Grover Cleveland, twenty-four. Ran again and won once more.

Here’s McKinley, twenty-five. Twentieth Century doth arrive.

Teddy Roosevelt, twenty-six. Softly spoke but with big sticks.

Twenty-seven, Taft we see. Biggest man we all agree.

Woodrow Wilson, twenty-eight. Thought the League of Nations great.

Harding W., twenty-nine. Rather dull, but looked just fine.

Calvin Coolidge; he was thirty. Taught one and all frugality.

Herbert Hoover, thirty-one. Great Depression was no fun.

Franklin Roosevelt, thirty-two. Led us into World War Two.

Harry Truman, thirty-three. China lost, but NATO free.

Eisenhower, thirty-four, Commander in the world war.

Thirty-five is Kennedy, Sadly shot in sixty-three.

Thirty-six, Johnson, Lyndon B., Of the “War on Poverty.”

Thirty-seven, Nixon went far, Opening China and the U.S.S.R.

Gerald R. Ford, thirty-eight, Moved us on past Watergate.

Carter, Jimmy, thirty-nine. Inflation passed its highest line.

Reagan, forty, from the West, Taught the world that freedom’s best.

Bush, forty-one, showed solid form, Freed a nation in “Desert Storm.”

Forty-two, Clinton, Bill. GOP won Capitol Hill.

George W. Bush, forty-three, Strengthened Home Security.

First of African descent, Obama, Forty-Fourth President.

Forty-five was Donald Trump, said he'd save us from our slump.

Joe Biden was forty-six, won it through the mail-in picks.

The original poem is by Genevieve Ryan. I've tried to improve and extend it.