Should Rapists Edit Scholarly Journals?

This has turned into a very long post, as I kept discovering new things about Kurt Mitman. I will divide it into sections, a different post for each one.
1. Bill Clinton famously raped Juanita Broaddrick in 1978
2. Rafael Robb: Should Someone Who Brutally Murders His Wife Be a Professor or Journal Editor?
3. Professor Kurt Mitman: His History of Child Sodomy Rape
4. Should Child Sodomy Rapist Kurt Mitman Be a Professor and Editor?
5. Further Details on the Kurt Mitman Case from the Pennsylvania Criminal Court Docket
6. Brock Turner, the Stanford Swim Team Rapist
7. The Surprising Tolerance People Have for Child Sodomy Rape in Professor Mitman’s Case: “Boys Will Be Boys.”

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